Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lower & Lock-In Energy Costs

Take Control of your Energy Economics
Depending solely on your local utility for your power needs leaves you exposed to significant risk. Prices are increasing and volatile and outages are unpredictable, leaving you vulnerable to damages from brownouts, surges, and unexpected service interruptions.
Lack of consistent service isn't the only consideration, because if history means anything, electricity prices aren't likely to go down. In fact, in places like California, they've gone up on average ~6% per year over the last 40 years. And while no one knows for sure what the future holds for grid electricity prices, most experts conclude that they will continue to increase significantly over the next decade due to a combination of rising fuel costs, pending carbon legislation, and large investments required to overhaul the antiquated grid infrastructure to keep pace with our modern world.
For those uncomfortable with this status quo, Bloom Energy can help you take control of your energy economics.
Lower Costs
Bloom Energy enables you to save money by lowering your electricity costs. Our customers today generate their own electricity for less than they pay their power company. The savings typically provide a 3-5 year payback on their initial capital investment.
Our systems can generate electricity cheaper than the power company for two main reasons. First, Bloom's unmatched efficiency in converting fuel to electricity means that our systems produce significantly more electricity for the same fuel costs. Second, our ability to generate the electricity on-site eliminates the need for costly transmission and distribution infrastructure.
Lock-in Pricing
While lowering energy costs is important, for some it is even more critical to make them predictable. Bloom Energy offers you a way to lock-in your electricity costs for the long term. You can fix your electricity costs by entering into a long term fuel contract with your gas supplier and taking advantage of our ability to consistently produce clean electricity from that fuel.
Pay As You Grow
Bloom Energy provides a modular solution that allows you to incrementally increase your onsite generating capacity if, and when, your energy needs grow. Instead of being forced to anticipate your power demand for the next ten to twenty years and paying upfront for equipment capacity you can't use, our solution allows you to match your initial deployment to your current base load and to pay as you grow.
Bloom Energy doesn't believe that achieving your sustainability goals should cost you more. Given the opportunity to save money and help the environment, the right decision becomes an easy one.


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