Monday, March 1, 2010

Bloom Box Energy & Staples Inc.

Bloom Box Energy & Staples Inc.

From offering customers innovative environmental products and services to implementing energy
conservation, waste reduction, recycling, and green building initiatives in the company’s internal
operations, Staples is focused on positive change that truly makes a difference in the world. The
company has pledged to reduce its absolute carbon emissions by 7% by 2010 and has evaluated
many alternative energy sources. In addition to early solar projects that remain in the Staples
portfolio, Staples sought a reliable solution that could operate around the clock and significantly
reduce carbon emissions. Staples’ first 300kW installation is located at their Ontario, CA
distribution center and the company believes Bloom Energy Servers can provide significant
power for their large facilities and distribution centers in the future.
“Staples’ partnership with Bloom marks an exciting next step in our ongoing commitment to
environmental leadership,” said Mark Buckley, vice president of environmental affairs for Staples.
“Through our relationship with energy leaders like Bloom, Staples is not only able to reduce our
operating costs but we are reducing our environmental footprint in the local communities in which
we operate.”


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