Monday, March 1, 2010

Bloom Box Energy and Bank of America

Bloom Box Energy and Bank of America

An environmental leader for more than two decades, Bank of America has committed $20 billion
over ten years to address climate change through lending, investing, products and services, and
in its own operations. As part of this initiative, the company sought to cut electricity costs while
increasing power reliability and enhancing energy security by reducing its dependence on the
grid. The Bloom Energy Servers help eliminate Bank of America’s need for diesel generators
while dramatically reducing the company’s carbon footprint and providing energy cost stability.
Bank of America’s 500kW installation will power one of its largest 24/7 call centers located in
Southern California.
“Installing low-carbon technologies, like Bloom’s Energy Servers, at our facilities is not only the
right thing to do for our planet, but it’s also a smart business decision. Bank of America is proud
to be at the forefront as one of Bloom’s foundation customers,” said


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