Monday, March 1, 2010

Bloom Box Energy & The Coca-Cola Company

Bloom Box Energy & The Coca-Cola Company

Climate protection is a key component of Coca-Cola’s business strategy – stated as an
aspirational goal to grow its business, but not the carbon footprint in its manufacturing operations.
As part of its Energy & Climate Protection strategy, the company is committed to improving the
energy efficiency of its plants and fleet while reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions in
cold drink equipment. Coke’s 500kW installation at its Odwalla plant in Dinuba, CA, will run on re2
directed biogas and is expected to provide 30% of the plant’s power needs while reducing its
carbon footprint by an estimated 35%.
“This new fuel cell technology has great promise and represents an important step for Coca-Cola
in continuing to grow our business without growing the carbon footprint,” said Brian Kelley,
President and General Manager, Coca-Cola North America Still Beverages and Supply Chain.
“The Coca-Cola Company has committed to hold its overall worldwide manufacturing carbon
emissions flat through 2015 from its 2004 level. We intend to do this while actually reducing
emissions in the U.S. and other developed markets, improving energy efficiency and using
cleaner forms of energy, like these fuel cells.”


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