Monday, March 1, 2010

Bloom Box Energy & FedEx Corporation

Bloom Box Energy & FedEx Corporation

FedEx has taken a leadership role in the adoption and advancement of responsible
environmental practices. The company supports the growth of sustainable energy use through
commitments to renewable power sources in its operations and use of innovative technologies in
its transportation fleet. FedEx seeks to diversify its energy supply whenever possible, relying on
energy sources such as wind and solar power. An early adopter of solar technology, the company
is evaluating Bloom Energy’s solution as a clean, reliable power source to complement solar
power at its Oakland, Calif., hub. FedEx has installed five 100kW Bloom Energy Servers at the
package sorting facility.
”FedEx understands the importance of leading in areas of innovation, such as energy. Bloom
Energy is a pioneer in distributed energy, the concept behind the next paradigm in how industry
could be powered,” said Rob Carter, FedEx Chief Information Officer.


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