Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Is the Bloom Box Energy ?

What Is the Bloom Box?

 "An individual energy source"

"An innovation and green technology"
"An big technology behind the scenes"

" The real effect of media"

The Bloom Box (or the Bloom Energy Server) is an electricity-generating device that uses fuel and air and turns it into power. The glamour is building around the device because it works (several companies are already using them), it is a green technology (low emissions), and that it has the potential to power an entire home with a box that can fit in your hands.
The company behind it, Bloom Energy, hasn’t generated a lot of attention. That is, until it granted its first interview to 60 Minutes last Sunday. The 10 minute clip dives deep into exactly how the box works, the history behind the company (it was founded in 2002), and the potential applications of the device.

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