Friday, February 26, 2010

How the Bloom Box can Create Electricity?

How the Bloom Box can Create Electricity?

"It is a secret formula"
"It is a chemical process"
"The process is simple, but unrevealed"
"It uses natural gas and air as electric supplies source"

The first question most people ask is: How does the Bloom Box work? While the company understandably isn’t going to reveal its trade secrets, it has provided some nice graphics and details on how the Bloom Box generates electricity for next post.
The device is, in fact, a fuel cell, which means it generates electricity through a chemical reaction. In the case of the Bloom Box, fuel is mixed with oxygen and then a reaction is triggered through an electrolyte layer to create electricity. The actual fuel cells are primarily built with compressed sands. The fuel is interchangeable, although natural gas seems to the fuel of choice currently.
This graphic provides a quick overview of the different configurations of the Bloom Box, as well as the basics of how they work:


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